23 April 2017


In the beginning there was rock. Then came rock with synthesizers. Enter; New Wave. In the late 70s, RYDEN and some school friends, started the band STRASSE. Not knowing anything about New Wave.
 ”We didn´t fit in with the punk and rock music scene at the time. We felt we had more in common with Kraftwerk and Fassbinder” (film director). ”We wanted to make black and white music as in Film Noir”.

Now, 2017, RYDEN will release his new album. The single ”The Devil´s Work” from the album out now. Nearly 40 years since starting STRASSE and his music noir.

16 July 2016


Lost and FOUND! Artwork by Ryden. Portraits of Swedish singer, songwriter Ulf Lundell. Crayon on paper (30x21 cm).

29 November 2015


Scandinavian museum showing STRASSE rare items! Stadsmuseum of Gothenburg Sweden showing Punk, New Wave artists, clubs, photos, videos, posters and stage wear. Exhibition Musik Livet (Music Scene) 2015-2018. More info at Luminol Facebook page.

25 September 2014


The real Mia Wallace? Check out more from the artist.

07 October 2013


Remember a few years ago, when PUNK NOIR Blogzine (RIP) and TF presented STRASSE Lost Tapes & Rare Recordings? Then, a couple of months later, we had to remove the songs due to legal rights. Guess what! - One of the songs, "The Night Club" (demo 1990) is up again! This time on YouTube. Why? Legal matter.
One Eric Amarillo and Scandinavian TV3 Television Company, not only released their version of TNC (on Crime TV series) they now (2013) also claim to have written it! Back to the future? Very much so. LISTEN to the STRASSE original and TV3 replica (YouTube).

26 July 2011

R. RYDEN / Thank You IKEA

Ryden: "...most people find it a little disturbing, turning Audrey Hepburn into a Playboy bunny, but I was out of a canvas!"
Click on picture for lager view. Hepburn (left) canvas available at IKEA.

12 July 2011


R. RYDEN "Artist With New Haircut". Mixed media. From Heads and Numbers. More from the artist HERE.

R. RYDEN / Deer Trophy

R. Ryden, Red Ferrari (Deer trophy sculpture). One from the "Deer" series (including: BlackNblue, Pink Vengeance, MoonDoggie + more). Order at FabriQ No 15.

16 March 2011

R. RYDEN / 3.000 EU

R. Ryden, R3. Oil and pencil on paper. From the Business series, writing down a number, stating the price of the artwork. In this case; 3.000 Euro.

16 February 2011

R. RYDEN / Perro De Caza

R. RYDEN, Perro De Caza. Also known as Rothman. Oil on canvas and wood. Private collector.

11 January 2011

STRASSE LIVE 2010-2011

STRASSE returned to the stage in 2010 and 2011. Back from the studio, working on albums: HALF PAST ANIMAL and STREET LIFE COLLECTION. More info and photos at STRASSE Facebook page.


STRASSE (Ryden) talk Warhol, inspirators and STRASSE on Sveriges Radio P4. Also playing favourite songs by The Velvet Underground, Nina Simone and Brecht/Weill.
SWEDISH RADIO (July 2010): "STRASSE, light years ahead of their time, tells their story...From forming New Wave Band STRASSE to meeting Andy WarhoL."

11 August 2010

R. RYDEN / Soundcheck

R. Ryden, Soundcheck. Oil on canvas. Inspired by funny/half tragic scene when playing in Switzerland, late 80ties. "...very much a Buster Keaton moment." This is a STOLEN ARTWORK. Never been found.

R. RYDEN / DJ Pustervik

R. Ryden, DJ Pustervik. Oil on canvas (109 x 72 cm).

06 June 2010

R. RYDEN / Subliminal Citizen

RYDEN, Subliminal Citizen released as a single on Luminol Grammofon/Spartakus Performances. Listen/Shop: Russ Ryden.Bandcamp, OneRPM and Spotify.

30 March 2010

R. RYDEN / The Boxer

RYDEN, The Boxer. Detail (orig pic, left). Selfportrait, oil on canvas. Click on picture for larger view. Private collector.

26 February 2010


R. Ryden SLOW (hand). Ink and matchstick. Mid 70ties. Used later as STRASSE poster, Crash Slowly/Single and SLOW/Album cover. Download at Bandcamp.

13 October 2009


Animal grace or just raving bonkers StrassenRaubers? Strasse and friends at the HALF PAST ANIMAL releaseparty Sept 2009. Pix by Mikael Almse.

17 August 2009


STRASSE new album, HALF PAST ANIMAL, out Sept 2009. Produced by Charles Storm. Jazz/Avant garde pianist, MIKE GARSON (Bowie, Nine Inch Nails) appears on Crashing. LiSTEN: STRASSE/Crashing HALF PAST ANIMAL; Shakespeare Was An American, From The Shadows, Damaskus 602, Spiders, Killed Again, Fashion Week, Spirits Of The Dead Watching, Crashing. All songs by Ryden. Except Spiders, Fashion Week, Spirits Of The Dead Watching, They Walked Like Men; by Storm/Ryden. Artwork by Francisco Stuyvesant.

28 May 2009

R. RYDEN / The Slider

R. Ryden, guitarman, M. Tengby. Watercolour. Made as birthday gift for MT, who refused to accept it. Later sold to artist friend.

26 March 2009

R. RYDEN / Monsterman

Ryden, Monsterman (innovative guitarman Adrian Belew). Mixed media.
RR on meeting AB: ”…one quick handshake in the late 70ties. He kept asking; Where are the girls? Where are the girls? Not aware he’d been dropped off by his tour guide at a “men’s club”. Add to that; wearing one unforgettable red-pink-light blue-ish Hawaiian shirt.” Click on picture for closer view.

14 March 2009

13 March 2009

R. RYDEN / Head with hat

Ryden, Head with hat. Watercolour and kids crayons. Private collector.

11 March 2009

"...I´m wasted and self-made."

"Self-made"? Not exactly true... If it wasn´t for: Ancient African art, Van Gogh, Dubuffet and Breugel, this website and Ryden would have been "made" quite differently.

16 February 2009

R. RYDEN / Still Life

Ryden, "Still Life". Oil on canvas (100 x 76 cm). Private collector. More playboy bunnies below.


Ryden trying hard to send an Email. Actually, STRASSE recording "Killed Again" at Cloudchamber Studios, 2007. ©Luminol Grammofon

22 December 2008

R. RYDEN / Postcards

Ryden, handmade postcards. Free with STRASSE single, Killed Again on Luminol Grammofon.

13 December 2008

STRASSE / Killed Again

New single from STRASSE out January 2009. Special edition with X-track, What can you do (Ghostboy version), never released before. Listen: MYSPACE December 22. Luminol Grammofon

06 December 2008


...for sending this little thing! Ryden: ...We were blessed. Midge is a hardworking man and STRASSE always got the Royal Treatment...More at: INTERVIEWS

R. RYDEN / Strassenrauber

Ryden, Strassenrauber. Water colour, gouache and crayons. 1 of 25 Strassenrauber HEADS.

21 November 2008


RYDENS ARTWORK STOLEN from art gallery! Soundcheck (left) and New York Red self portrait. Oil on canvas. Any information, please, report to local Police station.

20 November 2008


The girl from the future. Baby Ryden due in 2009. Photo: Yes, that´s her!

08 November 2008


Ryden artwork now at Facebook. Above: R. Ryden, "The Critic". Oil on canvas. Private collector.

23 October 2008

STRASSE / Transylvanian Flower

STRASSE, Transylvanian Flower CD (2004); No, Ryden is not the man behind TF cover/sleeve. Producer, Charles Storm, is. Working with his sister, Louise Storm´s artwork and photos. Ryden: "Great work, very STRASSE. Reminds me of the fine masters, Duchamp, Schiele and The Blaue Reiter Group..."

22 October 2008

R. RYDEN / Mike

Photographer, Mikael Almse by Ryden. Crayons and water colour. Click on picture for closer view.

03 October 2008

R. RYDEN / Method Painting

R. Ryden painting the same motive (from left to right), same night. At the same party. Note some of the wine stains.

R. RYDEN / Madhatter

Oddball, Ryden with "MondalsKrowka". Painted on invitation card. Photo by Mikael Almse 2008. Painting: private collector.

22 September 2008

R. RYDEN / Warhol

R. Ryden, 1 of a dozen studies for AW sitting on green chair. Check finished oil on canvas further down, this page. Read more: INTERVIEWS

14 September 2008

R. RYDEN / Retrospectre

R. Ryden x 3 (details), at the Retrospectre show 2001. Oil, gouache on canvas and cardboard. (Private collectors)

12 August 2008


Found on the net. Striking. The STRASSE "Shakespeare" video made late 2006. The Batman/Dark Knight movie released July 2008. SHAKESPEARE video/info, below.

03 July 2008

R. RYDEN / Head

R. Ryden, Head "Untitled". Water colour, oil crayons (41 x 31 cm). Private collector.

02 July 2008

R. RYDEN / Half Past Animal

R. Ryden, Half Past Animal. Oil crayons and gouache. Private collector. Thanks to Mikael Almse (photo). Same title as the song written by Ryden.

22 May 2008

R. RYDEN / Playboy Munch

Ryden, "Playboy Munch". Mixed media. Inspired by the great Edvard Munch, "Puberty". Private collector.

07 April 2008


Ryden, "Transylvanian Flower" (x 2). Silkscreen, oil and crayons on canvas, 115 x 92 cm. STRASSE/Ryden Transylvanian Flower song lyrics.

11 March 2008


Artworker, Emelie Lager at her gallery show 2007. Showing STRASSE photos (Ryden, UK Sandin). Check out more: EmelieLager.

R. RYDEN / Bloody Mary + Gazzo

Ryden, Bloody Mary + Gazzo. Mixed media (Private collector).

09 March 2008


"Strassenrauber", Ryden doing his work, E. Lager, doing the art work 2006.


R. Ryden, two homes, 1. "Pimlico", London (98 x 86) and 2. "Stamp 48", Goth/Swe (98 x 86 cm). Oil on canvas. "...really, two maps of the areas where I used to live." Private collector.

11 February 2008

R. RYDEN / Just like Dostoevsky

R. Ryden, Just like Dostoevsky. Oil on canvas. (Private collector.) More Ryden at Tumblr.

07 February 2008

R. RYDEN / Animals

R. Ryden at his Animals gallery show 2007. Photo by Almse. "Max Abbey" (STRASSE guitarplayer) and "X-Haus".

R. RYDEN / Atoms

R. Ryden, "Atoms". Mixed media. (Private collector)

29 January 2008

R. RYDEN / Heads

"Sometimes the sketch is better than the original." 
And sometimes not. Photo by C. Wass (1984). Paintings by Ryden. 
And yes, his own face, too.